Thursday, August 26, 2010

Smile empty soul

"A smile is the universal communication between two people."

While running errands today, I noticed one thing in common at most stores ... grumpy people. It's almost Friday and it was a beautiful day outside but all these people were running around with their sad/grumpy face on instead of being happy. Maybe they had reasons to be under the weather or maybe they just constantly walk around in a state of disarray.

Well I was walking on clouds most of the day and smiled a few extremely grumpy looking patrons. To my surprise, they smiled back!

It is nice to see the power of a smile. I can remember time and again when I have been in a bad mood and a complete stranger graced me with a smile. Even if it didn't change my mood, it made me feel good at least for a few minutes.

So if you get the chance, smile at some of those grumpy people out there. It is well worth it!


Petra Opelova said...

I do that a lot. Czech people are famous for their grumpiness so I'm trying to be different and smile more. I think it's because people are so stuck in their everyday routines that they just act like machines, or at least that's how I see it.

Betty said...

I love surprising people with a's almost impossible to not smile back! :)
Great post!

Emily said...

totally agree! always smile at the grumpy ones, it's usually just what they need!