Monday, August 2, 2010

Old Lady Candy

Have you ever noticed that candy has certain stereotypes? I mean there are the nerds, candy ropes, and suckers that are generally associated with the children. The chocolate bars, reese cups, m&ms, and well anything with chocolate are always connected to women (especially during PMS). There is also the candy that is for the health enthusiast that generally includes Slim Fast bars, Weight Watchers candy, extremely dark chocolate, and energy bars.

And then there is the dreaded Old Lady Candy. You know, the candy that grandma always had in a dish. The candy you forced yourself to eat because it made grandma happy to give you some. Yes, there is definitely a stereotype with this candy.

Old lady candy usually consists of peanut patties, orange slices, ribbon hard candy, the disgusting flavors of salt water taffy (like licorice), random hard candies in a clear or colored wrapper with no name, and of course the sugar coated fruit drops.

I remember growing up and my grandma always had a dish of this random candy. It was always out, and it never got wrapped up or put away. Apparently candy had some sort of germ deterrent (kind of like soap). It never went bad, and the worse thing that happened to it was that it got hard if it was chewy.

She would always tell me there was candy in the bowl if I wanted something sweet. Even as a kid I tried to avoid this dish of old lady goodness. Unfortunately my avoidance never prevailed and I was forced in indulge in the old lady candy just to make my grandma happy.

The other day I was caught by surprise when I walked into my office. I got off the elevator and there it was... a bowl of old lady candy. This one had the random hard candies with no name. I couldn't help but laugh growing up and my grandma trying to convince me that these candies were delicious. Unfortunately, since we are all starving journalists the old lady candy doesn't stick around for very long, but nothing free ever does.

Man, what can't they just feed us m&ms?


Anonymous said...

This makes me laugh, and brings back fond memories of grandma's ribbon candies. LOL!!
Speaking of M&Ms, I'm dying to try the new pretzel M&Ms. Have you tried them yet?

dev said...

I love the new pretzel m&ms!!! They are awesome! At first I thought they were kind of weird, but after taste testing a few more, I decided they were delicous! haha.

I don't know about the strawberry peanut butter though. I am afraid to try those.

Emily said...

do not hate on some orange slices! that shit is so good! love the blog, definitely going to follow!

Helga Marie said...

the pretzel m&m's are awesome!

my grandmother always had the strawberry candies that had wrappings that looked like strawberry's also. I was never a fan of the gooey center that followed after I bit into the candy in a effort to make it go away faster...

dev said...

Oh I remember those too!!! My grandma had them and I think I remember getting them from trick or treating. Yeah, was not a fan of the gooey center. It's crazy.