Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's 90210!

So you know what that means? It's time to pull out the technicolor tee's, the teased hair, neon colored sunglasses, and the acid washed jeans. Yes folks, it's a blast from the past!

In honor of Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Dylan, Donna, Andrea, and David, lets talk about the fashion of the 90s!

  • Acid wash jeans: They were high-waisted and worn slightly baggy. Your shirts had to be tucked in and a belt showing. A matching denim jacket a la Brandon Walsh style, a must for guys, folded hems for the girls.
  • Baggy t-shirts: You had to tuck them in to your acid wash jeans.
  • Converse and Reebok trainers: For all those times you're running late to class. Now, Reebok is making a comeback with its toning shoes.
  • Patterned waistcoats: Worn under your baggy t-shirts or sometimes on their own.
  • Chinos: It was preppy all the way at Beverly Hills High!
  • Floral: Back in the early nineties floral dresses were all the rage, usually with spaghetti straps Kelly Taylor style.
  • Scrunchies: I used to love these! I'd have 3 or 4 in my hair at a time. I do wonder if they are going to make a return.
  • Hair gel: I mean the serious hold stuff. You know the kind in bottle that is pink, blue, or green. What was the point of all the colors?

Tonight I'll be watching some reruns of one of my most favorite shows of the 90s. But here is a clip to remind you of how great this show was!


Anonymous said...

Oh man! I was a kid back then but I have been watching the series! It was my aunt who's a teenager back then who's so into dylan, but deep inside me, I am crushing over brandon :D Thanks for posting this!! loving it!