Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Recession is Over?

Not long ago I read a story about the National Bureau of Economic Research saying the recession has been over for year. Not only did I think this was interesting, I also wondered how they came up with this conclusion. Month-after-month people are getting laid-off and retail sales keep decline. People are afraid to spend money, and jobs are nonexistent.

Well today I found a funny article that said how you would be able to tell when the recession is over:

1. When your boss actually replaces an employee who retires or quits instead of adding their workload to yours.
2. When your laid-off friends start getting jobs with benefits.

3. When you don't have to live with your parents anymore.

4. When it becomes financially feasible to get a divorce again.

5. When a vacation involves airplane travel and you sleep in a hotel bed, not your sister-in-law's house.

6. When Starbucks isn't full on a weekday afternoon.

7. When you no longer have a relationship with coupons.

8. When you can list your house for sale and reasonably expect it to sell within three months at a price higher than what you paid for it.

9. When trying to get a bargain becomes a sport instead of a necessity.

10. When you can afford a new car, your 401k has been restored, you've reset your emergency fund with 6 months of living expenses and the term "99ers" is erased from your memory.

See full article from WalletPop: http://srph.it/aT8q9S


jennie said...

Haha! These are great! How about, "When I can afford to go back to 2-ply."

dev said...

Haha yes! That one is great!

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

OMgosh, we have a long way to go!